View of the Sphere surrounded by beautiful Colorado mountains.


Keith Fancher

Keith has been desiging and building for 25 years. He started with local 250 N. Chicago carpenters union and in 2001 he incorporated Future Spaces Inc.

Building and designing domes are his main passion. Clearly seeing the need to build structures that work with the earth instead of against it has lead to the creation of hemispheres, quarter spheres and recently a full sphere in Crestone Co.

The design of the sphere influenced the 5/8 sphere "Breathe Green Domes". Keith wanted to design a greenhouse that can be buried without a separate, costly concrete foundation. Secondly his objective was to make it in a kit form. This was a daunting task. His breakthrough came from reverse engineering, simply put, assembly begins from the top down.

He assembled a 31' diameter x 25' height 4 frequency dome from the top down in 16 hours. So people who may call themselves beginners will now be able to bolt togther their our greenhouses.